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<p><b><u>HIFU</u></b><br><br> Every day, the disease grows abnormally, and the twenty-first century is considered an age of disease in an abnormal way, so it is necessary to discover and discover different types of treatments and these treatments is the treatment of HIFU.<br><br> In this article, we will simply try to highlight the technique of HIFU and how it works. We will also try to mention all the diseases that are treated by this technique, and whether it is dangerous to health and the body in general or No, and whether there is a particular danger to the pregnant woman or not.<br><br> What is HIFU technology?<br><br> HIFU technology is a type of treatment, but a form of thermal therapy by a thing called HIFU, and the type of sound waves in which the process of treatment is called High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, and is used in the treatment of many diseases such as Cancer can also be used in various cosmetic operations, and the HIFU technique has proven to be a great success in various treatment processes.<br><br>HIFU is a high-temperature treatment. HIFU is a medical treatment that uses heat for ivory of many diseases by ultrasound, as we have said, but new HIFU can be used in the treatment process without any final surgical intervention, even if the disease Which is treated requires surgical intervention, the proportion of surgical intervention with the use of HIFU is very simple very, and HIFU is the process of shedding the acoustic energy within the body, and HIFU has many uses will be mentioned in the next paragraphs.<br><br>Uses of HIFU<br><br>We have also said that HIFU is currently used mainly in the treatment of many diseases and these diseases are cancer, and can limit the several uses for the intervention of HIFU in treatment as follows:<br><br>• HIFU technique is used as an adjuvant to deliver the drug by shedding and using ultrasound.<br>• HIFU is used in the treatment of various cancers such as cancer, especially pancreatic and liver cancer. It can also treat other cancers. Ultrasound is used to stop cancer expansion by killing cancer cells by ultrasound.<br>• HIFU technique is used in the process of stopping bleeding through the use of ultrasound.<br>• HIFU technique is used in the process of breaking stones by using ultrasonic waves, whether these stones are stones in the kidney or in the gallbladder.<br><br>We also said that the HIFU technique has many uses. However, in order to use HIFU, there should be a doctor specialized in this technique without any other techniques. HIFU is used in the normal way by assisting a doctor with medical imaging in order to enable the doctor or medical team from the planning process Treatment, they are here targeting the area they want to address by ultrasound, and the most accurate way to be identified is through magnetic resonance imaging as a guide and process guide.<br><br>How does HAVO ultrasound work?<br><br>Here, you spread through the fabric is absorbed part of it and then turn this absorbed body into a kind of thermal energy, that is, ultrasonic waves here turn thermal energy by the use of something called concentrated packets, and HIFU technology is so advanced that it can The process is like a focused fire on a very small thing or a small point in a small and weak paper. This fire is only a burning process for this point only in the paper. The paper is not affected at all.<br><br>Here is the same example, as the process of destroying and burning the injured part of the patient in the infected tissue by two methods, the first is the precise temperature that is shed on the infected tissue and the second factor is the length of time in which the tissue remains exposed to temperature, and the temperature here has another name, The heat dose. In order to reach the point or area that is treated and the heat is subjected to ultrasound, the concentration of the waves is removed more than one area in the injured tissue or through a scanning process. This concentration is passed from the relay path until it is finally reached To size and logic Which is intended to treat.<br><br>How to use HIFU technology<br><br>Here, the HIFU technique is used by the process of shedding the ultrasound set and focusing it on the diseased tissue. As we have said, these waves enter the body and turn into heat energy. Because of this, the temperature of the infected part or tissue will rise to 60 to 85 degrees Celsius , And this is required because in this heat is the process of destruction of the infected tissue, and here it should be noted that avoidance of the process of raising the temperature more than 85 in order to prevent the occurrence of fluid boiling inside the infected tissue.<br><br>In theory, very small specific parts of the tissue are processed by a bundle of ultrasound. For example, if the affected tissue has a particular type of cancer, such as liver cancer or pancreatic cancer, for example, the tissue here is characterized by differing cancerous tumors, Is the HIFU, ie by shedding the high heat on each cell or a small part that contains a group of cancer cells, here is a set of ultrasound packets on it, while at the same time another set of packets in the side area.<br><br>HIFU problems<br><br>Anything abnormal that enters the body can cause damage and side effects, even if it is useful. Examples of drugs that contain chemicals to treat<br></p>

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